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It has to have been, at least, four days since Derek was last home, the week was hectic with the sudden influx of agents returning from missions. Fortunate enough that medical had its own housing for staff for such occasions, it didn't stop Derek from feeling like something was off like he'd forgotten to do something. At first, he simply brushed off the thought and proceeded through treating injured agents as they came in one by one.

While Derek was an Omega, he's easily presented himself as a Beta with the help of suppressants and tablets to help mask his scent. Growing up as the only Omega in an Alpha household proved to be difficult for him, never quite living to his parent's expectations until he was adopted by someone more understanding. Still, most of the agents he tends to are either Alphas or Betas with the occasional bonded Omegas. He is lucky SHIELD recruited him in in the first place given that he's unbonded, one mishap and it could easily cause chaos.

He caught hushed conversations about some new kid visiting SHIELD today, some thought he might be a new recruit or maybe a new avenger, only high leveled agents knew the true details and he wasn't one of them. His patient asked for his opinion on the matter to which he simply shrugged, unsure on either side. Derek wanted nothing more than to take a nap in his own bed and the faster he can get this guy out of his office, the faster he can take a short nap before the rounds kick up again.

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Date: 2017-02-15 09:21 pm (UTC)
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Peter wasn't having a good day. Well, good week. If you really wanted to be accurate, 'good existence' is really hitting the nail on the head, but Peter was trying to make his New Year's resolution to 'be more positive' (note: it wasn't really working). He was late to yet another lecture when, surprise!, another damn robbery. Peter's starting to wonder if finding a business in Queens that hasn't been ripped off would actually be harder.

Things after that happened in a blur. He'd caught up to the criminals, but somewhere in the mix SHIELD had arrived, and that spelled Bad News for Spiderman. It takes a lot to disorient and/or knock him out, but Peter thinks it's a combination of lack of sleep and a really hard slam against a brick building that takes him out.

He's not down for long, he doesn't think, but when he does wake, he flips shit and starts climbing the ceiling. All he's got is instinct and sheer panic, waking up in a medical bay, of all things. Peter really doesn't do well waking up in unfamiliar places, and it certainly shows when he takes out the SHIELD agents and makes his grand escape.

Of course, this is a fucking SHIELD facility, and Peter's not exactly going to make it terribly far when the alarms start going off left and right. It's a fucking loud claxon, and he scuttles around a corner, kicking over two more agents before he ends up ducking into a random office, struggling to calm down and get his bearings.

Date: 2017-03-09 04:14 am (UTC)
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The alarm is wreaking havoc on Peter's over-stimulated senses and he skitters nervously when he turns around and notices the person occupying the room with him. Shit. His fingers twitch automatically to his shooters - not necessarily to web the guy, but just as a defense mechanism to be prepared - but they're gone and it makes his anxiety ramp up to an eleven. His hands curl into fists, but he hesitates, eyes flickering over Derek's countenance.

"Don't." Peter doesn't mean to be threatening, caught halfway between hoping he doesn't come off that way and hoping he does. He'd bolt right back out the door if he could, but he can hear footsteps thundering down the hall, back and forth past the door and he knows he's not in a position to jump out half-assed just yet. "Don't. Don't come any closer."

But the step forward stirs the air and Peter inhales, blinking at the agent he'd taken unawares. The man's scent is warm and earthy, a scent Peter would know anywhere because his Aunt works at a hospital and her scrubs always left the scent lingering in their washroom. "Um." He doesn't really have a plan past this point, but being stuck in a small office with an Omega who's about to go into full-fledged heat - and his own pheromones probably going to jump start that process - isn't exactly ideal.

Date: 2017-06-21 01:25 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] spideyguy
"I - " Peter doesn't know what to do. There are too many directions, pulling his attention all at once, but the most pressing ones are obviously the dangerdangerdanger pounding at the back of his head and the needwarmwet assaulting his senses. He's honestly not sure which to address first, and, to top it all off, he's not sure how much he's willing to test his control with the state he's in right now.

The doctor is already moving, however, and Peter seizes up to stop himself from striding across the room and scruffing the Omega on the neck - he's sure it wouldn't be appreciated (though with how far into heat the Omega is, maybe it would be? It's still rude, though, and Aunt May didn't raise a heathen).

"Derek - " Peter forces out, and he can feel his fangs lengthen a tiny bit as he catches the lab coat thrown at him on instinct. Oh, jesus christ it smells like him. "You really, really shouldn't come any closer. Don't you - " He doesn't have the time to finish that sentence and inform poor Derek of the dilemma, however, because he can hear the guards starting to kick in doors down the hallway - working their way back up, cutting off any escape route. "Shit."


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