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basic information

NAME Derek Rolfe Lockwood
AGE 28
DOB October 31st
FC/PB Jack Falahee

HEIGHT 5'11"
HAIR Dark Brown-Black
EYES Hazel/Blue Heterochromia
OCCUPATION Doctor/Field Medic for S.H.I.E.L.D

SEXUALITY Bisexual with a Male preference

Derek is 5'11", Fit built with noticeable muscle in his arms and thighs, with Burnett hair that is almost black and Hazel-Blue Heterochromia. One Tattoo: On his left forearm, he sports a wolf-esque beast head with a crown in black line work in Sara Fabel's art style. When he's not sporting SHIELD's uniform, his clothing style is usually minimalistic asymmetical clothing with the edition of the occasional formal wear. While he'll mostly seen clean-shaven, seeing him scruffy isn't much of a stretch when he's too lazy to constantly shave. Scars: The most noticeable is a long scar that goes across the dorsal base of his nose to his cheekbones on either side (purposely made by his father with a broken bottle), various scars can be found on his back, arms, torso and hands made via his parents or through his own carelessness.

MOTHER [Redacted]
FATHER [Redacted]
BROTHER [Deceased]

SPOUSE Currently doesn't have one

A   B   C   D


abilities & skills

Derek is skilled in various weapons, his choice ones being a Bo Staff, Knives and Handguns. While SHIELD training led him to learning proper gun use, he rarely uses them. His hands have worked with a blade the longest thus he's more comfortable with them in any form, be it a scalpel or a standard issue knife. The Bo Staff is something he's picked up on his own, slowly mastering how to use it, he keeps an extendable bar on him at all times. It collapses down enough to slide into his boot or thigh holster.

Medical training spanning from tending to small injures like cuts or bullet entry points to basic surgery knowledge. He's no specific surgical specialist but he knows enough to be able to do a successful one at a moment's notice.

Self-taught. Where he grew up, there were plently of close enough buildings and homes to allow him to learn the skill. It definitely came in handy when escaping from the police after stealing hospital supplies or running away from a tail.

Hand to Hand combat
Basic SHIELD training led him learning the basics, he does do the occassional sparring match with other agents when he's tried of being cooped up in the medical bay.


Derek was never recruited for SHIELD but instead for HYDRA, while he didn't believe in their ideology, he couldn't really leave since he was sending the majority of his paychecks back home. While under their umbrella, he was moved around under different projects, never really being issued for field work unless totally necessary. He was an assisstant in the Winter Soldier Program before being taken off for engaging with the subject too often, thus being moved to a double agent and sent to inflitrate SHIELD as their medic.

Purge AU
Derek participates in the events as a means of freely killing/tortuing people who've wrong him in the past, while he doesn't participate in it every year, he does try to make the times he does 'fun' in a twisted sort of way. When he's not trying to murder someone, he uses it to steal for those in need of food, meds or other essentials if they aren't killed come the next day.

Daemon AU
Derek's daemon is a Fossa named Aria, she's extremely protective of him and likes to perch herself on his shoulders in any way she can or up on top of the cabinets of his office. She likes to sit next to patients and chat with them so they don't feel lonely.

Derek is a born Omega from a family of Alphas, his parents put him on suppressants as soon as he was able to take them, having never experienced his first heat. The treatment continued under his adoptive mother's care up till now. He takes tablets to mask his scent and tries to present himself as a Beta.

Underworld AU
Derek can be either vampire or a lycan, either way, he was turned and is probably the youngest in either coven or pack compared to the others. He doesn't particular follow the rules of being secretive, always finding some way to interact with humans when no ones babysitting him. If he's a vampire; he does prey on humans for sustanance, usually targetting the eldery or those close to dying. He likes have his fun with humans when he's already fed for the week, even if he might accidently kill someone. If he's a lycan; full moons still affect him in terms of his shifting, he hasn't quite learned how to control that compared to everyone else. That being said, he likes to keep himself at a distance just in case.

Never joined SHIELD AU
Derek never helped that SHIELD agent, was never recruited into SHIELD, continued to help at the clinic as well as continuing to work as an underground doctor. He renovated an abandoned building into a night club, using the lower levels as his 'office'. Group members would take a back alley entrance if they needed his help. If club goers were lucky enough, Derek likes to perform on the small stage, keeping his identity a secret with the use of a mask.

John Wick/Assassin AU
Derek works as one of the Continental's in house doctors, taking care of its residents and offering his best advice to those who look like they need it. If he's playing the part of assassin, he likes to take of things as quietly and efficiently as possible with well-planned escape routes if the situation calls for it.

Want a specific AU role for him, lemme know and I'll come up with something !!

into the past

[I am the worst at wording background history so hopefully this makes sense.]

Derek was born in [redacted], on October 31st, [redacted]. Growing up in a typical family household with an overworked mother, semi-alcoholic father and protective older brother for the first five years of his life. His older brother died when he was five after he took him on a car ride to get away from his parent's argument that had led to furniture being thrown. Derek was lucky to have left that crash alive to begin with, having a broken arm and various other injuries. From that point forward, his parents downward spiraled hard, to being unemployed, alcoholic, abusive types via constant arguments over finances and blaming him for his older brother's death. This went on for another five more years, having spent those years frequently hiding in the smallest corners he could fit himself in in his brother's room whenever an argument spiked up. He would go to school with constant injuries of some kind, be it small cuts from broken glass or bruises, which caused concerns from his teachers and led him to be bullied to the point of isolation from his classmates. Eventually, it got bad enough to the point he would skip school all together and for days at a time. Raising concerns that led to occasional visits from officials, which would anger his parents even more, after they put up a show of 'we're a perfectly fine family'.

Before his eleventh birthday, Derek had enough of living in fear of his own parents, deciding to run away on a rainy evening with a backpack of his most prized possessions; a photo of him and his older brother, one of his brother's favorite books, a letter that he had written for him from before he was born and lastly, his stuffed jackal. Running away to a two story clinic that was a few blocks away from his school, ran by the Lockwood's. Its primary residents were the elderly whose family hardly seemed to visit but couldn't afford the more expensive hospitals. He knew if there was any place that would be safe enough for him to hide, it would be there, it also saved him from having to sleeping on the playground.

Dr. Lockwood took the nightly rounds, having spotted Derek in the waiting room, drenched to the bone and shaking. It took her some coaxing to get him to follow her into one of the unoccupied beds in the main room, treating his injuries. She wasn't going to pry as to how he got said injuries until he was comfortable enough to explain everything that he wanted to let her know. Everything turned for the better after their first meeting, not long afterwards, Derek asked Dr. Lockwood to adopt him and if he could permanently live at the clinic instead of returning to his parents and that nightmare they call home. He switched between going back to school and being home schooled, enjoying home schooling more. His parents would often search for him, whether they were sober or not, all the while Dr. Lockwood looked into the adoption process for Derek.

During his time, formally adopted and living a new life under the Lockwood roof, he learned various languages spoken by the clinic's residents to make it easier for himself to understand them; Russian, Romanian, Spanish, Italian and French to name a few. An elderly couple who lived at the clinic donated their piano as to provide some entertainment to the residents, playing in the evenings to some help of them sleep. Derek learned how to play said piano from them after his school lessons, getting the encouragement from all the residents who lived in the main room. It only left him heartbroken when they both passed away, deciding to play in their absence to keep their memory alive. (A photo of the three of them sits famed by the music sheet holder.) Having a small staff of three doctors and four nurses, rotating shifts, Derek decided he wanted to learn how to help people like they did. Asking them to teach him anything they wanted when they were tending to the residents, leading him to want to attend medical school. But finances were tough for Dr. Lockwood, with running the clinic, to be able to provide the funds for the schooling.

Moving on to Derek's late teens into his senior year of high school, Derek found himself in an unwanted predicament of being a personal doctor to various neighborhood gangs in the city after tending to an injured individual in a shootout. He agreed to the job under a set ground of conditions since it paid handsomely. He didn't pay a set allegiance to any particular party, remaining a neutral and untouchable asset. Dr. Lockwood had her suspicions about these activities when he started coming home late with blood splattering his clothes, warning him that she wouldn't be able to protect him if he ever got caught by the police. Derek took the necessary precautions for his identity to remain hidden, if any of the members outside of the leaders were to threaten him or come looking for him. Each group used a nickname for when referring to him; Hellhound and Cerberus being the favorites. Even came up with a logo to be used on street alleyways and abandoned buildings in regard that they were safe houses for the jobs. (The crowned wolf-esque beast that's tattooed on his arm as the inspiration.)

Dr. Lockwood brought one of her connections into the mix of Derek's work, giving him a bodyguard of one of her close friends that was all too familiar with the line of work. Once Derek was able to get his medial license, he continued to work for the groups as a source of income to help with the clinic, even bribing his way into having building connections within the hospitals to sneak out supplies if he couldn't outright steal it like he used to when he was younger.

It wasn't till a SHIELD mission had gone awry that he was recruited as one of their medics after saving several agents's lives. The groups weren't all too pleased with the idea of having lost their personal doctor, but they learned to deal with it. Derek left the connection open as he still had good standing with them, making the condition that should anyone harm anyone he cares about, the connection would be terminated and services voided. Derek went to one of their facilities to under go training to be an agent, having to be away from home left him to seek out therapy sessions to manage his mental health. During training, he met his close friends, Agent Cooper and Agent Urbina.

Agent Cooper belongs to [personal profile] whatshisface and Agent Urbina belongs to [community profile] overplays while Derek belongs to me.

Backtagging: Yes! I'm ridiculously slow right now so I'll be backtagging and slowtagging into the void.
Threadhopping: Yes.
Fourthwalling: No, unless discussed.
Offensive subjects: Not really, unless there is something that bothers you, i'll do my best to accommodate.

Hugging this character: Yes, while he may be a little uncomfortable with it if it's the first meeting, after that he's totally fine with them.
Kissing this character: His favorite pass time so go for it.
Flirting with this character: He'll definitely flirt back to the best of his abilities.
Fighting with this character: Yes, go for it! He'll give you all he's got so be warned.
Injuring this character: Yes, he is only human after all so be as gentle or ruthless as you'd like.
Killing this character: No, unless discussed.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Yes.

Comfortable with most MCU/Marvel characters though i am comic blind, so please bear with me on that. Other OCs/ Cross-canon/ Etc characters are welcome.

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